Dewatering wheels/sand wheels

The dewatering wheels are used for the treatment of sand or gravel depending on the mesh size of the sieves used.

With a 2.8 to 8 m diameter, bucket wheels placed at the outlet of a rotary scrubber or screen, make sure that the dewatered sand is recovered with a reduced loss of particles thanks to the large tanks and the overflow channels.

The dewatered sand is ejected from the bucket to a conveyor or directly on the ground.

These wheels can be single or double depending on the flow to be processed.

Dewatering screens

Dewatering screens are used to remove water from sand or gravel.

Made of a heavy duty box with polyurethane dewatering screen media, they greatly reduce the moisture content of the materials, making them easier to transport and store.

Different sizes are available to meet the required flow rates, thus ensuring the best dewatering.