Screening separates elements according to their size in order to obtain isolated products, calibrated according to a specific granulometry. The operation is done in several phases, the largest elements being redirected to a crusher, before being screened again and directed towards an appropriate storage.

The screens differ, by their position, horizontal or inclined, by the number of decks, the type of screen media and their motion (circular, linear or elliptical vibration) in order to adapt to the nature of the materials and the process stage (primary, secondary, or tertiary).

The BONNET range of screens:

Grizzly screens, located upstream of the crushers, are used to eliminate sterile materials and send noble rocks to the crusher. As heavy duty machines they can handle large blocks. A high performance circular motion exciter combined with an efficient suspension system allows the screen to vibrate and ensures efficient scalping of the material.

The grading screens can be inclined with circular motion, or horizontal with linear or elliptical motion. They are designed from two to four decks, 2 to 27 m², and thanks to their high energy capacity, they meet the various conditions of even the most difficult screening (sticky materials, sterils materials and sea sand). All types of screen media can be adapted, and many optional equipments are available.

  • Fast tensioning of the side tension screen media
  • Bearing temperature management
  • Vibration analysis
  • Lubrication unit centralized
  • Sealed doors and containment
  • Cover

The covering of screens helps limit noise pollution and contain dust particles, which are trapped by filters located further down.

Washing screens are equipped with spray bars fitted with nozzles to wash the materials during the screening process. They can be inclined or horizontal, and are used in the different phases of screening or at the outlet of the rotary scrubbers. The washing removes the fine particles sticking to the aggregates, for utmost quality production.

Rinsing and dewatering screens are generally used in loading stations. They are equipped with spray bars and nozzles to wash the finished products. This type of screen uses counter slope frames and efficient washing/dewatering is unsured by polyurethane screen panels.